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Hi fellow movie buffs, I need to first thank every single soul who made time to mail me about my song-subtitling-spree-endeavor!

There is a ‘Bay of Bengal’ difference in intending to do so and actually getting around to it! That’s why this ‘nandri’ reiterates my appreciation of your time and energy spent, the effort taken.

The song for today has 3 special reasons:

It is an ode to Shalini and Ajith for April 24th and the way they have succeeded in cherishing and strengthening their bond, despite their celebrity status!

It is also an ode to Ajith for having sustained himself and now the heart throb of zillions…age and gender especially no bar!

Ajith, I am so so happy for you and proud of you!  You deserve every single clap, pat on your back, reward, award, adulation and acclaim. You did it…sheer Taurian perseverance, passion, you pursued your dream, without a Godfather backing you up.

Today being a special day…”I’d like to dedicate this song to you Ajith and your lovely family…for goodness of health and gladness of heart to flow without a stop…you lend a strange kind of dignity and demeanor to our Tamil industry”.

Amarkalam was directed by Saran. Released in 1999 this song created a stir for its ingenious concept and melodious tune. I know it also holds a special place in Ajith’s heart for having found the love of his life!

I’d have loved to have a personal quote from Ajith, but my efforts to get in touch with him were in vain. I can understand, he must be busy with shoots 24x7. The thought is what counts…and Ajith, this one is for you from the Haricharans! I am sure the rest of the world will join in with us to wish you a birthday that gives you the elixir of life!

May your contribution to Thamizh industry grow far and wide(r) especially now that subtitling has taken a new avatar in our South cinema. Like how Mammooty-ji supports subtitling for Malayalam films I hope (holding such a pride of place in millions of hearts and minds, beyond language and latitude) you will help make this new found subtitling baby become a winner in the world’s ‘filmathon’

I hope fans, fanatic and modest, non-fans and neutral people enjoy this song…it is so endearing to see this couple share screen space with such a spark! Awesome as Amarkalam means, let us etch our cinema as foot prints in the screens of time!

May May bring Heavenly surprises to beat the heat in all your lives, thanks a ton for your support,


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