Makeovers for the Second Round


By Prathap

With sequels being the order of the day, directors are slowly finding an eco-system for their stories. Sequels also are significant because they signal that a movie's success can be replicated, although it's equally true that there is every possibility of them turning out to be damp squibs. Be that as it may, here are a few movies and an analysis on how their lead men looked in the sequels when compared with the original.

Sathyaraj - Sathyaraj played the sprightly politician Nagaraja Chozhan in Amaidhi Padai (in addition to the young cop he played). While he has had to wear a wig for the politician's role, the sequel Nagaraja Chozhan MA MLA he is possibly sporting his own pate of gray hair while canoodling with young girls, Sathyaraj style.

Ajith - Ajith kinda redefined the underworld don looks for Billa, complete with uber-chic wardrobe, shades, guns and babes but in Billa 2, he had sported a different look.

Kamal - While Vishwaroopam had Kamal in different avatars, the sequel is likely to have him sporting a bearded look. Proof? He has an overgrown beard and is spotted with it in public events - more recently, at the fast in support of Sri Lankan Tamils.

Suriya - Since Suriya is replicating his cop role in Singam 2 like the original, nothing much is going to change but now speculations are rife about a Ghajini sequel. In the past 8 years of the film's release, much has changed (including Suriya) and it'll be interesting to note how Suriya is transcending into a different person for the role.



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