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“Here's a little song I wrote, you might want to sing it note for note, don't worry, be happy”
Does this sound familiar? A popular ring tone now, but sung 1st in the mid 80s.

Are you wondering why I thought of this ditty in particular? The desi version I guess is the 'happy' song in Bale Pandiya, though I honestly don't know where Siddharth got the muse from. So no offence meant!

From this film emerged the seed of an idea that sprouted wings in Sudarsan's mind. I met this 'young chap with a vision'. Still studying and striving to be a chartered accountant some day in the distant future, Sudarsan's dream now is to try and control piracy online.

September of 2010 Sudarsan volunteered to Siddharth, debut director of Bale Pandiya, to try out his software that will disable 'the online pirates of planet earth' from spreading their evil intent. On this happy note, Sudarsan started his 'mission possible'.

Almost 365 days later his mission began to take shape. Being a die-hard Ajith fan he was busy promoting Mankatha in face book of his own accord 24/7.It was at this time that he suddenly felt as if he was seated under the Bodhi tree! Seeing the free foothold that piracy had, he decided to control it, even though he knew it wasn't small pox that could be eradicated completely!

At the audio launch of 'Attakatthi' he met S.P.Charan who realized this smart chap's hidden potential. Sudarsan set out to ensure Aaranyakaandam was safeguarded from the pirates. This was the rehearsal that gave him 101% confidence.

It was at this time that God decided to introduce Sudarsan to director Pandiraj who was wrapping up his 'Marina'. God's messenger was Satish who plays Makkadu in Marina. You could even say he is an 'almost-clone' of Santhanam! Satish felt Marina would benefit with Sudarsan's magic wand. And he was right. Pandi was happy with the idea and Sudarsan's diligence.

Kazhugu was the first project that he did professionally and officially. In the midst of many other films that boosted his confidence, came Naan Ee and Billa 2. Now Sudarsan is all set to attack piracy, though the royal irony being his dad thought his son was indulging in piracy instead of fighting it!!! Aarohanam and NKPK are on the cards.

His team mates consist of Bala Vignesh from Tirunelvelli and Kavin form Trichy. Technology is a miracle indeed! These 3 musketeers have not met, but they have joined hands in their pledge to control piracy online! Sudarsan heads 'Copyright media' and is all set to conquer the world. His friend-philosopher and guide is Kishore whom he knows from childhood and hails from his native place, Tirunelvelli. Sudarsan's eyes light up when he talks of the place he was born and brought up in. Chennai at first was alien and abnormal to him. He slowly made friends and walked miles to get to know our city like the back of his hand.

Even now the hesitancy surfaces at times, but he has conquered his misgivings of this colorful city with its myriad hues. With a spring in his step and determination in his heart he is all set to play 'bodyguard' to the reel world online. That reminds me, Vijay's dad S.A. Chandrasekhar, Sudarsan affirmed was a pillar of strength. SAC encouraged his fledgling efforts well enough for this bird to take flight from its nest.

“buththi ellaam kayilae dhaan
sandhosham paiyilae dhaan
happy…let's be happy”

From my dear friend 'Lotus' blossom these lines:

Intelligence at our finger tips
Pockets laden with sheer bliss

Happy…let's be happy :- )

Wishing you success and smiles, Sudarsan &co, and others who follow his footsteps…

until Independence day

Jai Hind


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