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Apologizing for my absence seems to have become 2nd nature now here! I shall refrain from doing so…and keep my fingers and toes crossed that you get entertained by this gem of a song from ‘Soodhu kavvum’

I feel strongly that a well-subtitled film has the power to transcend the barrier of language and brings your favorite song / comic strip /story to the atrium of your heart, making a deep impact. Of course there’s no denying the fact that visuals and facial expressions of the artistes speak volumes.

The number of mails received from all over the world after a song is uploaded here in ‘rekhs underscore’ is sole testimony to my conviction that songs should be subtitled with their lyrical content intact. This definitely adds value to the creator’s grey cells, be it the lyricist or director who in the 1st place conceived the idea.

Keeping this firm belief as a barometer I present this song…I must add I had an awesome time ‘googling’ and enlightening myself about different countries of the world! Watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

Click the link here:

I spoke to the director ‘cos I was curious to know how this song came about. Nalan said when he, his team and the choreographer Sherif were discussing how best to shoot the song in an ‘un-run of the mill’ way, they hit upon this royal durbar style to make it quirky enough. Though song is penned by Gana Bala (known for his songs in the sleeper hit Attakaththi) credit for the opening lines go to Nalan.

I would like to dedicate this song to producer C.V.Kumar who has been a ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ for youngsters rearing to go…for their dreams to be realized quicker than they’d have ever dreamed of visualizing!

In fact ‘Kaasu, paNam, dhuttu, money, money’ has become part of our every day conversation, as much as ‘Shalu’ the invisible glam-doll of every guy who dares to let the figment of his imagination zip-zap-zoom on a joy ride! We are waiting for more from you, be it laughing roller coaster rides, thriller-killers, dromance (drama with romance) or Nalanomania!

Several pats on the back of this young director Nalan! Many more have come into our Thamizh cinema’s arena. Welcome aboard, Alphonse (neram), Balaji (Kse*), Balaji (nkpk), Karthik (pizza) Naveen (moodar koodam)…and more to step in. I shake your hands (in alphabetical order and not based on date of release) and here’s wishing our cinema a new kaleidoscopic vision.

Until next week, a navarathiri special ‘underscored’, with Goddess Durga-willing,


* kse – pardon me for this liberty, kadhalil sodhappuvadhu eppadi and not Yeppadi, this is 1 of my many pet peeves; murdering Thamizh or Tanglish!

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