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Classic Movie Article -Bharathiraja's 'Kadalorakkavithaigal'

Bharathiraja is the master of romances. His love stories have a strong thematic content to match the romantic elements. He has always strived to give a meaningful face to the apparently mundane mush in love.

In 16 vayadhinile, it was overcoming the stigma attached to physical handicap and in Kizhakke pogum rail, it was breaking the barriers of class in society. This has been the secret of Bharathiraja’s success. In Kadalorakkavithaigal also, he has proved that love alone can conquer. An emotional bonding blossoms into true love which does not care for the physical or banal attractions.

The story is set in the beautiful hamlet of Muttom, just off Kanyakumari. The sea forms the backdrop with the camera capturing the moods in beautiful and stunning sequences.

Chinnappadas(Satyaraj) is a simple fisherman with no inkling of civilized living. His boorish nature is due to his orphaned childhood. Enters the teacher played by Rekha, who comes to live in the same house. The initial tussle leads to several funny situations. She begins to make a definite impression on him and he attempts to become civilized. He yearns for her company and takes steps to become worthy of her. Rekha gives him solace and brings maturity to the relationship. One day her fiancé, played by Raja visits her and Dass is crestfallen. Something tugs inside him and he realizes that it is love. Rekha also feels the same pangs but she is helpless. Her decision in the climax is the highlight of the movie.

A simple love triangle but the situations are woven beautifully and the performances are realistic. The village rusticity is recorded with enthusiasm. The languorous sea and the drawling dialect lend a distinct stamp to the film. Ilayaraja’s music matches the ups and downs in the story and all the songs are beautiful.

Satyaraj broke his image of an action hero and came up with a rollicking performance. He is the real star of the film. This film was also a precursor to another film under Bharathiraja, Vedham pudhithu. Bharathiraja drew out the best from Satyaraj in both these films. Rekha and Raja have done adequately.

Watch the film when you want to have a beautiful love story by the beach.

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