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Classic Movie Article - Mouna Ragam
tamil actress revathy
Director maniratnam
mouna ragam

There are some movies which remain etched in your thoughts not because they dazzle you with wizardry but because they make their presence felt in a quiet manner. Mounaragam fits into the second category. This Maniratnam charmer deals with marriage and its strengths from a modern perspective.

It marked a fresh look at the institution by portraying the hero, Chandru as willing to let go his wife, Divya, who cannot forget her dead lover(Karthik). In the traditional family, girls have no choice to air their likes and have to live with the man they are forced to marry. Divya’s plight was no different and yet Chandru had the fine sensibility to accept her past romance. He says that he is interested only in the future and not her past. This line of thinking was new to Tamil cinema. But, Divya was a sentimental woman and could not cut herself from the past. Thus, the difficulties that women face in broken relationships were underlined in a subtle manner.

The film captures the one-year period that they spend together. The tender moments and the gentle flow of life were marked well. Ilayaraja’s music was captivating and all the songs were hits. The melodrama element is brought in through the incident in which Chandru is beat up by disgruntled elements from his workplace. The pain felt by Divya and her efforts to help in his recovery change her perception of marriage. She becomes emotionally attached to him. The film ends with the message that marriage is successful only as long as the partners are emotionally bound to each other. The physical element is secondary.

In today’s world, where youngsters have more freedom to choose their life partners, Mounaragam may seem anachronistic. Yet, it is a film to be watched to understand the nuances of a good and lasting marriage.

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