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Vijayakanth an actor turned politician

Captain Vijayakanth has floated a political party the “Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam” on Wednesday at Madurai. A new political outfit has emerged integrating nationalism with dravidianism through progressive thinking.

The political conference convened by founder actor Vijayakanth was attended by over 2 lakhs of Vijayakanth’s fans all over Tamilnadu. He has identified the parties ideology as follows :

1. Provide a corruption free administration in the state.

2. Public – Private partnerships for development of more industries and thereby enhance employment opportunities.

3. Provide the best medical care to all the people.

4. Provide the minimum basic facilities of shelter and electricity and protected drinking water in all villages.

5. Ensure 33% reservation for women in the assembly seats.

6. Facilitate the learning’s of all languages.

7. Take amicable steps to link the rivers in southern states.

8. Establish a caste-free society through awareness creation and eliminating the differences.

The actor has accepted MGR as his political guru and symbolically began his yatra in the vehicle used for his campaign by MGR earlier. Whether a turning point in the political history of Tamilnadu has been initiated by Captain will be proved in course of time.

Let us wait and see!

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