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Tamil Movie Review : Tirupathi
Tirupathi review – It is Ajith who shoulders Perarasu’s burden!!
Cast: Ajith, Sada, Laila, Riyaz Khan, Kanja Karuppu, Livingston
Music Director: Bharadwaj

Tirupathi Vandhaa Tiruppam Varum—that is what Ajith’s fan groups were expecting. Has Tirupahi brought the turn around for Ajith?
Director Perarasu has brought in his usual formula—a high-speed script. The story revolves around an honest youth who runs a business of giving mike and records (Sound service) on hire. Benjamin Satya and Ganja Karuppu are his assistants both in business and comedy capers. When it comes to friendship, Ajith is prepared to do anything. In this way, he comes into the machinations of Riyaz Khan and his father Pyramid Natarajan, a minister.

The story goes like this: Ajith’s sister is pregnant and at the time of delivery, he takes her to a hospital. The doc there expects bribe but when it is not forthcoming, neglects his duty because of which Ajith’s sister dies. Ajith comes to know that the doc is none other than Riyaz Khan’s brother. When he goes out to get him, Riyaz Khan and his father do all that they can to protect this guy from Ajith. That is where the action part of the movie takes off.
The cast of Tirupathi includes Sada, Riyaz Khan, Livingston, Singer Harish Raghavendra as Ajith’s brother, Deepu as sister and Pyramid Natarajan. Sada has gone that extra bit on glamour. Music is composed by Bharadwaj. The songs are indeed lilting.

When Perarasu makes a movie it is bound to be captivating, at least as long as you sit in the theatre. For Ajith’s fans, Tirupathi is a treat. For his detractors, the movie is another Perarasu flick, with its usual formula a la Tirupachi. Perarasu, however, better be warned. The story line is becoming a cliché and unless he thinks of something totally new, no big hero can prop him up.
Theatre report

The movie is showing in Albert, Abirami, Santham, AVM Rajeswari and in the suburban area, in Theagaraja. The first two days all the shows ran to houseful, with tickets selling in black at 150 rupees. The fans went through their regular show of worship—puja, abishekam for Ajith’s cut out and distributing sweets.

Today’s Headlines TV carried a story on Ajith’s Tirupathi release and said that, “If there is any actor who enjoys a very good opening after Rajinikanth, it must be Ajith.”

However, the performance of the first few days is no indicator of its real business. We will have to wait and see how the box-office collection record would come out.
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