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Tirupathi audio release: Ajith’s confidence and Perarasu’s declaration
March 15, 2006
Ajith & Shalini
We know that ‘ostentation’ is not the middle word of the AVM house. But, they are not penny pinchers too. This was evident once again at the Tirupathi audio release which was held as a simple but tasteful event. All the arrangements were excellent without the filmi frills and most importantly the function started on the dot. Over now to the proceedings.

AVM studio lawns which was the venue bore a festive look. Two ushers welcomed the guests with an ornate umbrella which resembled the original at the shrine at Tirumala. Only this had Ajith and Sada’s stills on it.
AVM’s hospitality is legendary in Kollywood. All the invitees were offered a buffet of light vegetarian refreshments. The VIPs started pouring in. AVM Saravanan and MS Guhan looked quite relaxed and went about chatting with some VIPs. (Of course, they have reason to be happy as the film is almost complete except for two song sequences). The food was simple but tasty. A hot tava with a chef was on duty and offered delicious special masala dosa.
Perarasu, the director was quite busy on his toes receiving the guests. Ajith and Shalini who looked magical in her blue salwar suit arrived at 6 pm. There was a stir as everyone wanted to have a closer look at Thala. He sported the Naan Kadavul look with a pony tail. Sada came in a ravishing black and blue outfit with matching ear rings. She was accompanied by her father.

The function kicked off at 6.30 pm. Chief guests Nalli Kuppusamy Chettiar, Sri Krishna Sweets Murali, Ajith, Perarasu and Shalini were on the stage. There was a huge still of Ajith in the back-drop. SP Muthuraman conducted the function. He requested Nalli Kuppusamy to release the audio. Amidst a roaring applause from the audience he released the cover and Sri Krishna sweets Murali received the first copy
Tirupathi Audio Release
SP Muthuraman proposed thanks and requested everyone to be present at the screening of trailer cum song preview of the movie at AVM’s a/c theatre inside the campus.
Ajith Shalini & Sada
A trailer and Tirupathi Vandha Tiruppam song were screened. The song is a huge sizzler and Ajith’s performance is simply out of the world. Bharadwaj’s orchestration for this opening number is superb. Thala fans can up their collars. The song will be a surefire hit. Ajith looks quite improved in his dance especially with a leaner frame. Since, the theater could accommodate only 125 persons at a time, there were three rounds of screenings. Ajith and Shalini stood outside and enquired the first batch of people who came out. Everyone congratulated him and understandably there was a glow of pride in his beautiful wife’s face.

Writer Sujatha, Manobala, Bharadwaj, and the whole unit of Tirupathi were present. The function got over in a little over an hour.

The cassettes are available at leading stores and it is reported that in the southern districts of Tamilnadu, they are already vanishing like hot cakes.

Fans were disappointed that Thala did not speak. Ajith kept quiet keeping his latest trend of letting his films speak before he uttered a word. But some press persons caught up with him for a few sound bytes and he simply said, “The film has come out well. And I feel absolutely good”.

Shalini Ajith & Ashok
Perarasu dressed in black said: Tirupathi would be a bigger hit than my earlier films, Tirupachi and Sivakasi.

AVM Saravanan gave the punch by saying, ”Now the ball is in people’s court. We have done our job well. It is for them to make the film a big hit”.

As the song goes, it seems that Thala will get thiruppam after Tirupathi.

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