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Kollywood and courts: What’s really up?
February 23, 2006
Where do you think you would find your favorite stars? On the sets, office, home, functions, parties, right? Yes, but add an unlikely place to this list and you would be quite surprised. We are talking about the law courts. Not in films but in real life. These days you find more and more stars frequenting the courts because of summons issued to them in several cases. The recent announcement that Kushboo had gone to court demanding Rs.3 crores from the Maxim magazine for allegedly publishing her in obscene manner was a hot topic in media for a few days. Why recently Actress Reema Sen has also been sued for alleged sleazy pictures in a Tamil daily.
Kushboo and courts

Kushboo has faced a tide of cases after her comments in a magazine about premarital sex. The actress who was at the pinnacle of popularity has remained confined to home (and the court of course) because wherever she goes a group is ready to greet her with eggshells, chappals and brooms. Same was the fate of Suhasini Maniratnam. Several cases have been filed against the actresses in various district courts. Both the actresses have requested that all cases against them be transferred to Madras High Court so that they can attend the hearings.
As we mentioned earlier, the Maxim magazine published Kushboo’s photograph with the caption 100% fake. The lady was incensed at this and filed a case for compensation and threatened to file a defamation suit in case the magazine did not pay up. She has refused to accept any apology or explanation. Readers would also remember that a few years ago, a magazine did a spoof on April 1 splashing news that Kushboo and K. Balachander had married secretly. Both filed a case seeking compensation but did not pursue the matter after the magazine apologized to them. The latest in the long list of cases against Kushboo is one of defaming the dignity of the courts by commenting on judges and their judgements. Seems like the lady will never stopping putting a foot in her mouth. What a pity the lady has to maintain a call sheet for attending court cases!
Sivakasi crackers of Vijay, Asin

The two were the talk of the town with Diwali release, Sivakasi. Well, it did cause a few crackers inside courtrooms, real ones of course. Lawyers were incensed at some scenes, which they found objectionable and degrading to the decorum of their profession. Also the loud-mouthed character of the comedian Baskar, including the spoof on courtrooms did not go down well with the justice department. So, there are a slew of cases against the two and director Perarasu, producer A.M. Rathnam and Baskar. We just hope there is no Sivakasi inside the real courtrooms!
Vijay & Asin
S J Surya and mobile phone menace

Coming second behind Kushboo is actor-director S.J. Suryah, who seems to have mastered the art of creating unlikely hype to publicize his otherwise mediocre films. He was hauled up for throwing his mobile phone at a woman official of the Censor Board. He was also asked to appear in cases relating to the controversies in the title and some steamy scenes in his films, BF and New. He is anxious about the fate of his Kalvanin kadhali.
Sneha’s Nag (Ravi) dhosham

Next in line is our Punnagai Illavarasi Sneha who seems to have Nag (Ravi) Dosham. The photographs circulated by Nag Ravi featuring her and him, and his suicide attempts forced girl to climb the court steps. Now, she is on a getaway in ‘God’s own country’ leaving Nag Ravi and his issues behind

Ramba too under ‘Kanthu Vatti’ crisis

Rambha who sizzled with her minis is being hassled with issues of ‘Kanthu Vatti’ from a Madurai based financier and she has been walking to the Madras High Court for days about the ‘Rising Interest’
Ramba & Sneha
Jayachitra & Roja
Jayachitra under cheating case

Even yester year actress Jayachitra seems to have teething issues with Mr.Bothra, the businessman who has petitioned against the actress for cheating Rs.75 lakhs in connection with the sale of her groves. Mr.Bothra is the familiar face from Sowcarpet and he who would have become a professional lawyer by now as he frequents courts with cheating cases only against actresses.

Roja, the court-actress

Remember, the bounced cheque episode with actress Roja? It earned her the nickname–court-actress. It also took her a long time to get out of this morass. Roja has never played a lawyer in her career and may be this was her way of satisfying her urge to be part of a court scene!
Finally, the Kasturi Raja and Co.

The most recent addition to the list of court-walkers is Kasturiraja, who approached the sessions court for bail in a case filed by a Chennai doctor. His wife, Vijayalakshmi is facing several charges of cheating and financial irregularities. Previously it was Dhanush who came to court with call sheet and date problems. Now that he has run out of films, his parents have taken the cue.
Kasturi Raja
Oh…divorce cases too

Financial transactions or cultural policing are not the only reasons for stars to troop into court. Another common but painful fact is that of divorce cases. Quite a few high profile marriages have hit rock bottom and the star couple usually knock the doors of the court seeking separation. Ramarajan-Nalini, Parthiban-Seetha, Vanitha Vijayakumar-Akash, Raghuvaran-Rohini, Swarnamalya-Arjun and many other big and small stars have been seen in court campus seeking annulment of marriage. Where a little compromise and patience could have brought conciliation, egos play spoilsport.
It’s better late than never

AThere is sensational news when god men with ash or vermilion plastered on their foreheads appear in court with their large entourage. But, the actors and actresses who make the courts come alive with curious onlookers usually come alone or with their lawyers. It is again the media which creates a circus out of a normal legal process and the court looks like a shooting spot.
It is high time the stars learnt their lessons. They should be more careful in their deals and deeds. The glow of popularity would wane soon if their actions do not match their image.
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