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Interview : Sathyaraj
Sathyaraj - 6.2
Sathyaraj - Englishkaran



He is the most enduring star who has retained his unique brand of portrayal. He has spent nearly three decades in the industry. He started out as a villain and brought novelty to the performances. He turned to hero roles and became a very popular star. Currently, he is the busiest actor amongst the veterans. The reasons for his survival are: total dedication, flexibility in payments, short production schedules and contemporary storylines. Here are some excerpts from an interview.

Q: You have an image of being the carefree, irreverent person on screen. Are you so in real life too?

Sathyaraj: I was passionate to make it big in films. Although my father was a leading doctor, I wanted to be in movies. I struggled a lot in my early days. So much so that my still was rejected even for a small magazine’s promo posters. I did not lose heart however. Even the great Amitabh was rejected for a radio announcer’s job, but the whole world goes ga ga over his voice now.

The success that I am enjoying now has not made me forget those days. But I am not a brooding type. I had my tough times and I am having a great time now. If you take everything easily, life will be peaceful.

Q: What is your equation with director actor Manivannan?

Sathyaraj: He is my friend, philosopher and guide. He gave the big break with Nooravathu naal and 24 mani neram. I cannot forget the wonderful times we have had together.

Q: You have a freewheeling approach towards life.

Sathyaraj: I believe in living life to the full. But, I must say that we must act with responsibility. Permissiveness cannot be passed off has freedom.

Q: Have you raised your rates lately?

Sathyaraj: See, I work only for close friends and acquaintances. My rates are primarily determined by the popularity. Whatever they give, I accept. I do not hike or lower my rates. See, I have everything I want. Hence, I do not act with avarice.

Q: What do you say about the Tamil only in titles issue?

Sathyaraj: I believe that more than Tamil, Tamilians have to rise. They should reach a more advanced status. Hence, they must acquire more knowledge and open the windows to the world.

Q: Your refusal to play the villain in Sivaji

Sathyaraj: Yes, I was approached. But, I am currently committed to so many films as hero. See, the producers have invested so much based on my popularity. If suddenly, I play the villain, it could have an impact on these films. This is unprofessional and unethical on my part. Otherwise, I have no qualms about playing villain.

Q: Vijayakanth’s political debut…

Sathyaraj: I have known him for a long time and he is a great human being. We shall wait and see. He is quite capable of bringing in the desired changes in the political arena.

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