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Interview : Director Vishnuvardhan
tamil cinema Arindum ariyamalum
tamil cinema Vishuvardhan
tamil cinema kurumbu

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He proved that age does not matter as far as box office success is concerned. He tasted a hit in his second film,Arindum ariyamalum. Here is a freewheeling interview with the young director.

Q: Tell us something about yourself.

Vishnu: I come from a non-film family. My father is a businessman. Now, he is also doing the marketing aspect of my films. I studied in St.Bede’s at Santhome, Chennai.

Q: How did you enter cinema?

Vishnu: I was always interested in extra-curricular activities like dance, drama, songs etc. We had an announcement in school that director Mani Ratnam was selecting children for a dance sequence in Anjali. I just went for fun and got selected.

Q: How was the experience working with Mani at such a young age?

Vishnu: I did not quite realize the magnitude then. He also joined in the fun. The screenplay was changed by him after seeing the bubbly crowd of children. Several scenes were added only after we got selected.

Q: Then you went back to studies.

Vishnu: Yes, I just about managed to finish school and joined the Institute for training in cinematography. I then went to Mani sir again who was shooting for Iruvar in Madurai. I told him and Santosh(Sivan) sir that I wanted to work in films, but behind-the-scenes. So, I started working as an associate under Santosh sir. I have worked in Terrorist, Ashoka and many other films and several ad films. It was a great learning experience.

Q: When and how did you get the inspiration to go alone?

Vishnu: Once I decided to launch out alone, I thought that I would do a story in which I had one hundred per cent faith. I was so attached to the script of Arindum, that this would be my first venture. Many dissuaded me from trying it. But, I share the same wavelength with my father in real life and hence could relate to the situations and emotions.

Q: How was the experience of directing your first film?

Vishnu: It was just plain fun. There was no tension as we had a young crew. We enjoyed every bit of the experience and as I had worked under Santosh sir, the discipline really made me adjust well.

Q: What are your future projects?

Vishnu: I am now doing Pattiyal. Then, I have several offers, but I am weighing the scripts before saying yes.

Q: What is your advice to aspiring film-makers?

Vishnu: I am myself a learner. But, one thing which I would definitely say is do your own thing. Take the advice of experienced professionals. Be a good listener. But, act according to your gut feeling. Only when you work with passion, can your film be successful.

Q: Your wife is also from movies.

Vishnu: She is my childhood sweetheart. Both of us worked under Santosh sir. She is a busy costume designer for many films. She is very choosy about her projects, as we have a young child now.

Q: What would you like to tell the viewers of behindwoods?

Vishnu: I thank behindwoods giving me an opportunity to talk to the viewers. I want them to watch more and more movies. I want them to give us the same affection and appreciation that they have given to our films so far.

Q: What is your general view on filmmaking?

Vishnu: I am an avid watcher. I do not know the count of films I have watched. Every film creates an impression and your style is a cumulative result of these impressions. I imbibe a lot from my work and personal experiences. Hence, the realism is striking in my work.

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