"Suriya was inspired by Kamal Haasan" - Event Story

Jul 08, 2013

After sounding the victory bugle at the box office over the weekend it was only a matter of time before the celebrations had officially begun. A popular star hotel in Chennai played host to the success meet of Singam 2 last evening, 8th July. The event’s gathering included the likes of Suriya and director Hari along with several cast members such as Vijaykumar, Nasser and Rahman among others. The film’s music director Devi Sri Prasad was also part of the celebrations.

The mood was definitely one of jubilation within the team of Singam 2. Director Hari addressed the fact that Singam 2 had surmounting expectations largely due to the successful first part. This was reason enough for the director to work hard and script a film that could match or better Singam. He also said that over the span of four films that he and Suriya had done together they have grown close to each other like brothers. He was visibly chuffed with the outcome of the film and the responses at the box office and attributed that to his team’s hard work.

Suriya spoke with a lot of delight on his face and said that he had anticipated this success and that it had come to him at the right time and he heaped praises on director Hari for this result. He revealed that his better half, Jyothika, had watched the film and applauded his performance and congratulated him for it. Suriya’s father, Sivakumar, had sent his son a message saying that he was proud of him after watching Singam 2, and these were the moments that Suriya cherished at the end of the day.

Nasser said that during the shoot of Singam 2, he would talk to Suriya about his experiences with Kamal Haasan and those talks had visibly inspired Suriya to up his game. Vijaykumar too had noticed that Suriya had given this role his all and had completely surrendered himself to its demands. The distributors were a happy bunch when they said that Suriya is a highly profitable star as he manages to give at least one big hit every year.

Naturally there were questions raised about Singam 3 but Hari’s honest reply said that he had no story in mind at the moment.



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