Singam 2 Visitor Review: D for Duraisingam, D for Dynamite

Singam 2 Visitor Review: D for Duraisingam, D for Dynamite

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In recent times, Tamil films are being made into prequel/sequel franchises. Muni/Kanchana, Billa and now Singam. Singam 2 is the sequel to the 2010 hit Singam which was remade into several other languages due to the success factor. 
Directed by Hari, Singam 2 picks up from where Singam left off. Duraisingam (Surya) returns to Toothukudi, masquerading as an NCC officer in order to tackle smuggling activities in the city. He faces local thug Sagayam (Rajendran) who is a runner for Bhai (Mukesh Rishi) and also Thangaraj (Rahman). These local goons team up with international criminal Danny (Danny Sapani). How Duraisingam crushes the smuggling cartel forms the rest of the story.
Surya is at his best as the fearless cop, Duraisingam. He is just outstanding. His dialogue delivery and mannerisms fit him perfectly. Hansika is a surprise in this film as she did a slightly different role than she usually does.The quartet of baddies were just menacing and each of them did justice to their roles. Santhanam is another new addition to the cast and he provided the necessary comic quotient. Anushka's role did not have much depth compared to Singam. The rest of the cast from the earlier film were retained and each of them had a significant role to play.
Technically, the film is on par with its requirements.Priyan's cinematography is good, with the action scenes being brilliantly canned. Several aerial shots were also included. The editing department has done a wonderful job. VT Vijayan and TS Jay ensure the movie moves at a breakneck speed, without the viewers realising the running time of close to 3 hours. This is also contributed to the racy screenplay by Hari himself. The songs were also well-placed and did not

affect the momentum of the film. Devi Sri Prasad's BGM just passes muster, with several repetitions. The action directors, Anal Arasu and Rocky Rajesh provided physics-defying action sequences but nevertheless, they did a good job especially the Durban sequences.
Mix a large portion of action, add appropriate amounts of comedy, romance, sentiments and top it with some fiery punch dialogues will result in an explosive dish called Singam 2. Specially created by the masterchef, Hari. A perfect treat for the weekend. 
P/S: The best punch-line in the film, "Indians are always the kings of the Indian Ocean".
Vinod Nair

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