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Plot of films such as Chennai 28, Thirumalai, Madras, Aaru revolves around a specific area in Chennai city
What makes a film reach every nook and corner of a particular society or an area? Any film shot primarily in a specific location creates curiosity and connects to that audience instantly. This will have a personal touch as the characters will depict the slang and body language of that place, the location might feature known shops or even known people sometimes, and it will showcase a lot of nativity.
Below is a list of films that have created a great pull because the plot of the film surrounds a specific locale in Chennai city.
> Chennai 28 - As the name suggests, 28 is the zip code for Chennai's R.A.Puram and the film was directed by Venkat Prabhu. The streets and playgrounds shown in the film were completely shot in this area.
> Thirumalai - This is our very own Ilayathalapathy Vijay's film which was shot in the roads of Pudupettai as he played a mechanic in the film. The tiny roads and spare parts shops were taken in this area.
> Kodambakkam - This film starred Nandha, Diya in the lead roles and the major chunk of the film was shot in Kodambakkam - Tamil film industry's hub. The plot of the film was aptly set around the film world.
> Madras - This Karthi starrer majorly featured North Madras. The streets, the houses and more importantly the wall shown in the film were shot in live locations in Ramana Nagar, Perambur in North Madras.
> Aaru - Not many people would realise that Suriya's Aaru was mainly shot in Saidapet's slums. As a thug who is a part of the local gang, Suriya's slang and get-up completely went with the Saidapet area.
> Angadi Theru - This Vasantha Balan film gave us an intricate look at the bustling Ranganathan Street in T.Nagar, with all those busy shops and 1000s of people. A lot of candid shots literally took the viewer into the action on screen.
When you start to think about more films, you may find more places in the list and might establish that special connect towards that movie. Start locating your location in the films you watch! :)


Plot of films such as Chennai 28, Thirumalai, Madras, Aaru revolves around a specific area in Chennai city

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