Singam II - Guhan's views!

Singam II - Guhan's views!

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Watching a sequel for the first time without actually seeing the First Part. But the makers did provide me a RECAP which I never have seen in any movie. Must be a Serial-inspiration. 

I don’t know when this started but it seems that so many dislike Suriya even though he is much much more better than any other in the whole of Tamil Cinema. Dusting all that apart, Suriya stands still; holds his position as DURAI SINGAM.

First of all, the whole story is about a Police who is active secretly to catch the criminals who smuggle weapons through the Sea. He finds the head, the head of the head, and finally the Big Head. Simple as that. This is where director Hari brings in a girl who loves the police, and few new characters to the existing Hit Singam. 

Hari has done a fabulous job in making the script. What I like in Hari’s direction is that he always does this “Do-a-Sketch-and-catch-the-villain” kinda thing which is usually racy and it doesn’t make us feel bored. But usually he maintains fresh plots every time. Not for Venghai, he made that one disappointing. Hari added Hansika and Santhanam to the movie to add more spice and fun to the movie and luckily it did work out good. 

Hari is known for his movie-making style that surely has the use of the Trademark Tamilnadu weapon- THE ARUVA. IT is obviously present in all his movies, probably the breakout thing in his films. There’s nothing that I can say bad about this direction for what all he did is pure hard work and no flaws seen. But I guess Durai Singam gets married in the first part but it changes suddenly in the sequel, didn’t they know that they were making a flaw? Anyways, lot of movies now -a-days are full of flaws. Can’t complain for just this movie. 


Hari : Job well Done! 

And the camera stuns in this movie. Cameraman Priyan impresses with awesome shots. 

Coming to the lead females of the movie. Coming by their heights, Hansika goes first. 

The school student, coming from a rich family. She does mischief and falls for Durai Singam, the NCC master in her school. You know what, she kinda looks a lot like a school student, like she’s actually a student. Lakshmi Menon definitely is too mature to be a student. Her role is used well. She not just comes as an Eye-candy. No dance from her.

Hansika: School student, she is. You’ll love her. 

Anushka, by the height order, comes second. Anushka probably plays equal time just as Hansika. She does a decent job. But not actually that long as a heroine should be. It’s cinema nature, heroines rarely get more time space in movies. She comes for the dances, just to let you know that she’s in the movie.

Anushka : You did your part great.

Vivek. He did his role awesome in the Part One and again in the Part Two! Erimalai is funny and you know it. Feels good to see him after a long time in a big movie. He is not involved in that many comedy scenes as the majority is given to Santhanam. But Vivek doesn’t disappoint or anything, he reprises the same what he did in the first flick.

Vivek : Awesome job, wish to see you in more movies.

Santhanam is the heart and soul of the movie. It’s these two years in which Santhanam is the one and only comedian who can deliver no less but infinite. Every director wants to cast him in their movies. If he is there, audience is there to be in the theaters no matter who is the lead actor. I can’t believe he is able to come up with so many ONE LINERS in a movie and that too he does it in all of his films. Who writes them? Whoever it is, are awesome writers.

Santhanam has mocked movies earlier in his career through his Lollu Sabha and even he has teased Suriya in Vellore Maavattam, and in this he calls Suriya “Era meesa” and stuff which are quite funny. There’s no comedy that feels like boring or something. You have a lot of surprises in the movie from Santhanam’s part. HE even, takes Surya’s place, you’ll see. Director hasn’t taken care of his hair changing from time to time which is very odd to watch. I don’t know how many will notice that. But it was quite an annoying part to me. It should’ve been due to the date issues or the jokes that were made up very late. 

Santhanam : Will stand strong throughout the movie and also his career. 

The villains are pretty a good category. There are four and each of them represents their characters well establish-able. Even the Armenian guy Danny does a good job as a Bad guy. 

Devi Sri Prasad, the music maker has done a decent job for the movie. First I thought the songs are all dumb but it gets good when you hear them for a few times. Every song resembles the songs of the first part as the director surely would have asked him to make it so. The BGM really adds to the racy mood of the film and it helps a lot in the screenplay.

DSP : It’s time to Singam Dance! 

And the Lion, Durai Singam is the same he was in the Singam 1. 

Singam II -The overreacting police (but seriously)

He has his body worked out in a great way that the ladies go gaga. In fact, there were more family audience for this movie even for a Second show in Karaikal. That’s pretty huge opening I guess. So, Surya portrays the character great. He has that tough cop looks and he owns his place rightly. I am pretty impressed with the way he fights the goons and the way he dances. He really has evolved a lot. If someone criticizes you for something, just take Surya for example when he was criticized by the press during his initial times, he proved them that he can do best. And yes, he jumps a lot, a lot. 

And none can forget the signature move of Singam where he jumps and Smash cuts the goons from the air. I say, it is used way more than one can imagine. I guess, one should give an award only for the running done by Surya. Run like miles and even catches a fast-moving car with his run. It’s appraising. 

And when Durai Singam talks emotionally, it is kind of looks odd with the music. I just felt it. Maybe you’ll have other feelings. He takes his shirt off once, girls note it down. Good that he used it minimal. 

After all, the movie has every single thing required for a commercial movie. And defnitely a movie worth watching with family. The climax was more or less the old-traditional but it was not bad. 

So, Surya and Hari have joined hands once again to make us realize the power of an Indian POLICE. Hope you realize.

Raja Guhan

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