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It was the year 2003. A man toiling hard in the United States, to pursue his corporate career. Along with him, there was a dream at the US... like his shadow. Like a mentor, the dream started bothering him frequently, and he decided to listen to the dream's words. 15 Years later, he stands tall in Chennai as the Managing Director of Behindwoods, realising that he and the dream are just mirror images.

SSN Institutions Distinguished Alumni Award of 2019 presented to Manoj NS, CEO, Behindwoods

After 10 years of balancing between a day job and Behindwoods, it was time for him to choose one path. And sorry he could not travel both. To quote Robert Frost - "He chose the one less traveled by and that made all the difference."

SSN Institutions has instituted the 'Distinguished Alumnus Award' which will be awarded to an alumni of SSN who has displayed significant achievements in his chosen profession and displayed commitment towards the mission of SSN. This year's honour for the 'Distinguished Alumni Award of 2019' was received by the above-mentioned man.

Positivity and discipline is his success mantra, and he doesn't shy away from revealing it on stage. Usually, the emotions displayed by a person spreads to everyone present nearby. That is why, when someone is angry, you tend to get angry too. When someone cries, you feel sad. When someone is frustrated, you feel the frustration.

That probably explains why Behindwoods is one of the leading media houses in the industry. The positivity and discipline bred in the office by the leader of the wolf pack, inspires every soul in the office, right from the management team to the housekeeping staff.

One supreme quality that makes a leader what he is, is not forgetting the people who took them there. Upon accepting the award, he made it a point to mention the name of each and every person in the successful journey, who has been a pillar of support, not just for him, but for the organisation as a whole.

He also thanked his parents and family for the support they offered when he quit his IT job and took up the role of the MD of Behindwoods, full time. And now, 15 years since that 1st step, Behindwoods has grown into multiple platforms Behindwoods Entertainment, Behindwoods News Shots, Behindwoods TV, Behindwoods Air, and the grand Behindwoods Gold Medals Awards Ceremony. With 8 crore views a month, and 80 Lakh Social Media followers, the seed has become a Banyan tree in 15 years. And that has been possible because of the man's vision. The name is Manoj Nirmala Seetharaman.

Watch Manoj's awarding video and his inspiring speech to young entrepreneurs who dream to be one.