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Nikki Galrani, in a recent interview with Behindwoods, was playing one of our game segments: 'Kiss me, Hug me or Slap me' in which she almost made our VJ Niki cry and plead her, to let him go by giving him harder tasks.

Nikki Galrani makes VJ Niki cry - Kiss me, Hug me, Slap me in Behindwoods

The 'Kiss me, Hug me or Slap me' game is a fun game where the celebrity is asked a few questions and if they answer them correctly, they can give a task to the VJ. Just in case if the guest fails to answer or give a wrong answer, they had to either kiss, hug or slap the VJ.

Things became interesting when Nikki Galrani answered all her questions right and gave our VJ a few tougher tasks. One such task was she asked VJ Niki to drink coffee that has salt instead of sugar in it.

She started adding more salt to the coffee for every right answer and at one point VJ Niki found it really tough to take it and pleaded her to let him go as he couldn't drink it anymore. Watch these series of funny things that happened in the interview with Nikki Galrani here: