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Priyanka Chopra becomes the 10th Indian to have 2 crore Twitter followers

Priyanka Chopra becomes the 10th Indian to have two crores Twitter followers. She later engaged in a Twitter chat conversation with her followers after hitting the 20 million mark. Here are few interesting discussion from her chat session:

1. Which female pop artist would you like to do a music collaboration with?
A: "I’d love to collaborate with @rihanna I think she’s awesome"

2. What challenges you the most?
A: "Being sensitive and emotional yet strong and tough!"

3. What do you expect from 2018?
A: "A stronger me!!"

4. What's the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?
A: "Flown across the world to meet me."

5. One word about Varun Dhawan?
A: "Sensational"

6. Would you like to act with Vijay again after Tamizhan?
A: "I would love to. I’m a big fan of @actorvijay"

7. A word or two about your fans?
A: "You guys r my rock! Haters gonna hate..tomatoes gonna tomate and rotis gonna rotate..but we will Always be together."

8. How it is to be United Nations Goodwill Ambassador so far?
A: "One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life."

9. How would you want the world to know you as, PC, the star; or PC the human being?
A: "I’d like the world to know me as P.C. the achiever. And my loved ones to know me as P.C. the person"

10. Your fitness mantra?
A: "Even if u don’t want to. Just pick up and go to the gym!"

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Nayanthara meets Priyanka Chopra at New York

Recently, many pictures of Nayanthara from her trip to the USA with her close buddy director Vignesh ShivN were trending! Nayanthara was looking lavish and fantastic in the photos taken by Vignesh. After all the beautiful pictures which have come out, we are ready to break yet another lovely picture from her New York visit.

South India's lady superstar Nayanthara who has taken time off her incredibly busy schedule to go to the USA, has now met with Bollywood's dashing diva, Priyanka Chopra, who has also been making rounds in Hollywood. Priyanka is also considered as one of the biggest stars in India. Nayan who is sure to be flooded with work the minute she returns is seen to be chilling with Priyanka in New York.

Nayan's denim dungaree dress has the wordings, Sunshine girl. We had earlier told that Vignesh ShivN calls her with the unique name, sunshine. So is this his gift to her?

We have attached an exclusive never-seen-before image of the two gorgeous beauties of the Indian film industry!

Priyanka Chopra becomes the 10th Indian to have 2 crore Twitter followers

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