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Lakshmy Ramakrishnan launches a string of attacks on Aruvi

Aruvi, directed by debutante Arun Prabhu Purushottaman starring Aditi Balan, released to critical acclaim as well as solid commercial success. Its strong content, while impressing most, has also slighted a few including actor and TV show host Lakshmy Ramakrishnan.

Lakshmy has attacked the film over a series of tweets, which include:

"You have participated in #SU?Kallakaadhalaa?! Or , may be the director has or his family members:). That is why he knows so much about the show:)" (Whilst replying to a user)

"The Director would have seen such things happening in shows & channel he worked for! he doesn't have the b.... to spoof his own channel. #SU is easy target to become popular & some quick bucks! feminist film made by cheap & personal attacks on another woman! What greatness!"

"They don't respect living people and women, why would they respect religious sentiments?!
Making a feminist film by personally attacking another woman is the cheapest and most disappointing part of this film!

"And the worst part is prominent media people appreciating the film in spite of the gross disrespect and   abuse of another woman!"

"Remember #Slumdog ? Based in a popular show? They did not associate or believe that BIg B actually does what is shown in the film to his participants! But fools like this one, believe the Director's imagination is what actually happens!"

"If the makers/ director has the b.... let them face me , live on camera, and answer my queries, good opportunity for publicity for the film! Can any of the popular channels including  @ZeeTamil , come forward to do this?"

"film industry has to be responsible and not get into cheap spoofing and personal attacks for their own benefits/ hidden agendas. Remember we cater to immature people like this one !"

"if someone has a problem with the format, they should address that! You cannot belittle and demean & defame my sincere contribution for the past 6 years! I don't do social work, but do my job with social responsibility & film industry has tried to damage me over & over again"

"Women should speak up not just for their own sake but for other women also. targeting a woman's reputation, someone who is a film maker / actor, also lends voice for social issues, is nothing but destructive. If u have opinion about the show, discuss that, why personal attacks ?"

These tweets are pretty explanatory of the actor's feelings about the film. Stay tuned to this space for updates on any development on this brewing controversy.



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Rajinikanth gifts Aruvi director and heroine a gold chain each

Regarded as one of the best films of 2017, Aruvi has not failed to impress any of its viewers. One such person who was emotionally moved by the film was Superstar Rajinikanth. He initially made a phone call to director Arun Prabu, to congratulate and bless him for the success of the film. Now, he has made another lovely gesture.

He has personally gifted a gold chain each, to the director and the lead girl Aditi Balan after being impressed by the tremendous work done by the team. This genuine gesture from the legendary actor has undoubtedly floored the budding young talents.

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan launches a string of attacks on Aruvi

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