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Boney Kapoor's statement about Sridevi's death

Sridevi passed away during the wee hours of last Sunday, and ever since then, the nation has been in shock. Her funeral and cremation happened yesterday evening (February 28) at Mumbai.

Sridevi's husband and producer Boney Kapoor has officially issued a statement on his dear wife's demise. He stated,

"Losing a friend, wife, and mother of your two young daughters is a loss inexplicable in words.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my family, friends, colleagues, well-wishers and all of you countless fans of my Sridevi who have stood by us like rocks. I am blessed to have the support and love of Arjun and Anshula, who have been such pillars of strength for myself, Khushi and Janhvi together as a family. We have tried to face this unbearable loss.


To the world she was their Chandni, the actor par excellence their Sridevi but to me she was my love, my friend, mother to our girls, my partner. To our daughters, she was their everything, their life. She was the axis around which our family ran.


As we bid goodbye to my beloved Wife and Khushi & Janhvi‘s mama, I have a sincere request. Please respect our need to grieve privately. If you need to talk of Sri, let it be of the special memories that connect each of you to her. She was and is an actor that is irreplaceable. Love and respect her for that. The curtains never come down on an actor's life, because they shine on the silver screen forever.

My only concern at this time is to protect my daughters and find a way to move forward without Sri. She was our life, our strength and the reason. We always smiled, we love her beyond measure.

Rest in peace, my love. Our lives will never be the same again.


Boney Kapoor"


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Priyanka Chopra's emotional note about Sridevi

As we are all slowly coming out of the shock about Sridevi's demise, Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra has written a note about the legendary actress, for a popular media.

Her note read, "She was born for the silver screen. As an artist who found her calling at the age of 4, she swapped playgrounds for movie sets and friends for directors and made 70-mm film her canvas. By her own admission, she would have it no other way. Born as Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan, she changed the course of Indian cinema when she became Sridevi.

Sridevi Kapoor shared an intimate relationship with the camera, and it loved her like no other, passionately capturing every aspect of that expressive face and her equally expressive frame. She loved it back with equal force. Normally shy and quiet, Sridevi blossomed under its gaze, delivering such depth in her performance that it would leave audiences breathless, wishing that their dance would never end, craving just a little more.

Sridevi was India’s first female superstar and at the time of her passing, on Feb. 24 at 54, had starred in close to 300 movies over five decades. She enthralled audiences across the globe in a variety of Indian languages (Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi). She owned every frame of every film she was in—without the need of a male co-star, bringing in audiences and setting the box office alight, firmly on her own shoulders.

Everyone wanted her and wanted to be like her. She could be childlike, grown up, funny, serious, beguiling, sexy—she was the ultimate actor. Sridevi leaves behind a legacy that will live beyond us all, a legacy built on the foundation of pure dedication, talent, hard work and a sprinkle of fairy dust that was showered on her by the Gods!

She was my childhood, and one of the big reasons I became an actor. To refer to all of us as mere fans would be a disservice to her. When the news first broke of her passing, I was immobilized. All I could do then was listen to songs from her films, revisit her interviews and watch her iconic scenes over and over again. I knew I was not alone; millions were feeling that exact emotion of shock and loss. Her connection with the audience was so strong that each one of us has special memories linked to her.

She left us too soon. My last memory of her is a red-carpet moment from last December. In the frenzy of flashbulbs and whirring cameras, she pulled me into a tight hug and spoke lovingly and excitedly about her two daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi. Her family was her life. She left me feeling warm and fuzzy, and with a promise to meet again.

But angels don’t pass on. They just shine brighter in another realm—so I will always look out for her in the sky."

Thank you for the magic, Sri ma’am. Forever your fan.

Priyanka Chopra

Boney Kapoor's statement about Sridevi's death

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