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Vikram's dedication is God like

Vikram lost his senses during I...

Jan 08, 2015

When asked about Vikram's contribution to I, art director Muthuraj had this to say on Chiyaan.  


“Vikram is not an ordinary human being. His commitment and dedication can floor you for life. He is an inspiration by all means. The character transformation he went through is probably the first of its kind you'll witness. Be it the hefty body builder or the one with the hunchback, he has given his heart and soul to it. 


From over 90 kgs, he went to the 40s in just a month. How can somebody do that? For the hunchback role, he had to reduce so much of weight in order to deal with the heavy make-up. We had a small AC box for him to go sit inside. During the shoots, before the shot got ready, we used to take him around, in the box which had a wheel attached to it. 


When he came out of the box while the shot was ready and if somebody was working on the sets, the very sound of a hammer on a nail can send unbearable pain to his body. He was so feeble and weak. A mere look at him can terrify us. There were times when we had to repeatedly call him; the complete starving had dampened his senses. Who will do all this? Can somebody go to this extent? Vikram is a phenomenal artist. Your accolades and also the awards can't suffice the effort he's taken to give life to Shankar's dream”.


For more such stories, stay tuned to a full-fledged interview with the art director which is on its way.    




Vikram's dedication is God like

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