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Merasalaayitten because of Shankar - Vikram's 'Merasalaayitten...'

'Merasalaayitten' is a breath-taking visual extravaganza

Dec 26, 2014
'Mersalaayitten...', from Shankar - Vikram's 'I', is already a chartbuster. Kabilan's lyrics speak about the feelings of a 'North Madras' type local guy infatuated with a girl who he aspires to befriend. Here's a sneak-peek of what you can expect of the visuals, after a teaser of the song's Hindi version was released online yesterday morning.
The out-of-control in-love actions of Vikram (an extra in some shooting), whenever he catches a glimpse of his lead model (Amy Jackson) form the sequence of the song. There are shots of Vikram's hunky physique, Amy in all her glam glory, Santhanam's reactions to his friend's mad acts, and some cool VFX and animatronics shots.
Almost, all the brilliant morphing effects we saw in the trailer belong to this song. The concept being Vikram's everyday accessories - Red Royal Enfield, Weight Bars, Nokia Keyed Phone - transforming into his lady love. 
The promo of this song, Issak Taari, can be seen here: http://behindwoods.com/hindi-movies/i-hindi/i-hindi-song.html.


Merasalaayitten because of Shankar - Vikram's 'Merasalaayitten...'

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