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Shankar - Chiyaan Vikram's I Trailer - Mersalayitten Ba...

I Trailer - Mersalaayitten Ba...

Dec 19, 2014

After clocking close to 9 Million views in YouTube - a new benchmark that might not be broken anytime soon - for its teaser, I is back again to set new milestones. The trailer of this Shankar - Chiyaan Vikram magnum opus was uploaded a few minutes back in producer, Aascars' Official channel. For those who haven't watched it, here is the link -

The trailer begins in a land with a great view. PC Sreeram teases us with his use of colors - The Red, The Green, The Mountains and The Horizon. The lead pair - Chiyaan Vikram and Amy Jackson - romance through the surrealistic setting, and right when they are about to complete a kiss, the scene fades to reality - Amy, in a bridal wear getting her final touches done. The Koonan appears out of nowhere - Amy screams. Cut.
What follow are shots of inimitable imagination, flawlessly executed by the cast and crew. The 2 minutes feel both long, for it has so much effort gone into the making, and short, making us want more. However, nothing is revealed much about the plot line, still keeping us guessing about this Shankar's un-Shankar-y 'romantic thriller'. 
We get to witness what Shankar meant when he said Vikram has not just breathed life into the role, he has also given his body - he has got various makeovers throughout. Special mention to the 'Koonan' who seem to be so tenuous that even Amy might weigh more than that character. 
Amy, for sure, as PC Sreeram said, is 'India Cinema paakatha Azhagu (A beauty that's alien to Indian Cinema)'.
Shankar is at his creative best. The grandeur and dreamy imagery scream his name in every frame. That animatronics moment when a bike, which Vikram rides, transforms into a human figure is something only he could pull off. 
AR Rahman beats his way through the trailer elevating the mood.
I is a product of geniuses working together, and it satisfies every bit of what's expected of them, if not more. 
Naa Mersalaayitten Ba...



Have a look at this 'Behindwoods Exclusive' link to see Vikram's reaction about the magical I trailer- 


Shankar - Chiyaan Vikram's I Trailer - Mersalayitten Ba...

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