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RA - FAQs answered by the team ...

RA - FAQs answered by the team

Dec 18, 2014

This is for all those movie buffs who have seen the recent fantasy thriller RA and have some unanswered questions bothering you.

1) What happened to Ajay in the climax?


Ajay learning the real reason for the death of his wife and sister tries to avenge their death. But being an ordinary guy just like any of us, fighting thugs is not possible. He knows he cannot be killed. So he escapes and surrenders to the demon, that wants his body as a vessel. Once he enters the red door, his soul leaves his body and demon enters him to unleash destruction and chaos in the world.

2) If Ajay cannot be killed. Why is that in the last fight scene he is hit badly and especially by the wrench ??


The Demon wanting his body has to play by the laid 3 rules. Thus it wants him to make a decision. Ajay himself has to surrender. Ajay gets beaten badly; the demon only protects him if there is an imminent death. Ajay cannot be killed is the ultimatum. Otherwise, he has a normal life. Remember the cut on his hand by the doctor? As long as it is not life threatening, he has no external influence. He can be hurt but not killed. The wrench is almost a death blow but did he die???


3) Was Red door really a fictional thing or were you trying to symbolize it with something in real life? Because there wasn't any necessity of getting into a serious issue of world destruction and such deeper things when it was a story of a simple guy who is dealing with his wife's loss.


On so many deeper levels it symbolizes with what we experience in real life. That's for a really long discussion. But to keep it simple, Ajay, unable to cope with his loss, dwells into something experimental. Becomes selfish in his own way. All he cares at that point is his own self. But the price for trying to get in touch with his dead wife has unstoppable repercussions.

4) Why wasn’t the Ajay character fighting in the climax? As we all expected it.

Won’t it be really funny when a force that can destroy human civilization starts doing martial arts stunt with goons?? Just think about it.


5) The health drink due to which Renya and Aarthi die, how is that only those two happen to drink it when there were lot of chances for others like Ajay's mom or Ajay himself to drink it?


The health drink is a women's Horlicks kind of a drink, which is only consumed by women of certain age, generally women in their 20s and 30s. We have the drink container labeled as Herz. Mother is too old and Nisha is too young to drink it. Also Aarthi's husband knows that only she drinks it . That's why he had it spiked . On the both the occasions, uncle was there to remove the health drink. If you watch carefully you will notice him during Renya's death as well.


6) With the first few paranormal activities happening around Ajay, I assumed that it was Renya trying to communicate something but in the second half the story moves in a different way. If every paranormal activity was because of the red door, what was happening in the first few scenes?


Everything happening around Ajay was because of the red door. But he imagines it is because of Renya since he wants it to be her. And the demon also uses his need to scare him.


7) We appreciate the fact you didn’t want to waste much time in showing the love phase between the lead pair and how they get married, and immediately come to Ajay's place where he lives with a practical family who don’t make an issue out of it and leave them alone for good. Pretty cool family though, anyway why did you choose to portray a family like that?

Audience are highly evolved now, give them a outline and they can detail the rest. And families like this have become the norm now. Including ours.


8) Some people felt that the second half was rushed and the spine chilling factor was lost and deviated to a fantasy world?

We have two sections of audience, one who have walked up to us and said that the first half was slow and long but whereas after interval, the movie was a mass jet-speed. At the same time others said that the first half was brilliantly crafted and second half lacked conviction. As a creator we accept a few shortcomings and also defend our method of filmmaking. Worldover horror films will have major scary scenes scattered around a 2 hour period. We wanted to break the pattern. We wanted to bombard the punch in the first half. It is only humanly possible to get the scare 3 to 5 times per film. That happened in the first half. However, if we wanted to scare you with the second half too it would have fallen flat. As filmmakers we wanted to try something new that has never been done before. Thus we tried doing a genre bender. Even though people said second half lacked punch, still they all remained silent throughout the film till the end.


9) To be continued . . . What will be continued??

You have to wait for 2015 to know about it.


10) People in the review have written that some logic was missing??

Indeed a few had written, but what logic was not mentioned in any of the review. Let us know, we are ready to plug the holes.


The motive of the story was to create an impact even after the movie is over and we are proud that we have achieved it .

Whatever we try to explain through various theories and logical reasoning, the concept of RA will be understood only when watched more than once to get the depth of it.  Blink once and you will miss the sub-plot.


Prabu Yuvaraj & Ashraf


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RA - FAQs answered by the team ...

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