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''We are waiting to woo you all'' - 'I' Vikram ...

''We are waiting to woo you all'' - 'I' Vikram

Dec 30, 2014

Thanks to the 'I' Hindi audio launch held yesterday in Mumbai, we've got some extra tidbits about the movie. With sky-rocketing expectations, the release is almost nearing and the public wants to know everything and anything about the film.

Shankar says, he got the idea for the story of I, almost 15 years ago. He also confessed, 'I develop a scratch into a story only if it excites me. I have almost spent a decade on shaping this movie.' 
Vikram quotes, 'I have done three different roles in the film. The beast make-up alone took close to 5 hours. This film is not an inspiration. Even during school I preferred playing the Brutus. This attempt by Shankar sir will be lauded by all. We are just waiting to woo you all.'
Rahman shares, 'I have done 12 films this year alone. Such an exciting year it has been. Shankar approached me for I, 15 years before. We have worked really hard for this product. I am doing a script now, and will also co-produce it.'
P.C.Sreeram reprises, 'This will be one of the last movies to be shot with the film technology. I don't know if I have justified my role. Would like to do another film with Shankar to justify myself'.
With such statements, the hype around 'I' just gets bigger and bigger.


''We are waiting to woo you all'' - 'I' Vikram ...

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