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Vedhika gives a platform for budding talent

Vedhika provides a platform for budding talent

Dec 29, 2014
Vedhika who recently received a lot of critical acclaim for her role in Kaaviya Thalaivan and her Christmas Malayalam release – Cousins which is playing in theaters now, has started a new initiative called Vedhika Talent Gallery – which provides people a platform to showcase their hidden artistic talent to a wider audience.
Here are some excerpts from Vedhika talking about the initiative:
“Lot of people used to inbox me in FB, about their artistic creations such as their sketches of me, their painting etc., on a regular basis. Sometimes, I post a few on my page, but then I thought why not create a dedicated page for them in FB where we can showcase their artistic creations exclusively.”
“This will be more like a community page where artists can interact with one another. Since an artist needs an audience, this will give them an opportunity to reach a wider audience compared to if they just put up their art-work in their own FB page.”
“My well-wishers on Social Media have unconditionally supported me. This is a small gesture to give something back to them. People can send any of their artistic creations whether a painting, singing video, dancing video, short films, poems, short-stories, Micro-Art etc.  Even designers can send their design work.”
“It’s a small initiative ... Nothing big... There is an unimaginable and unlimited amount of talent that is out there waiting to be discovered. I hope this initiative gives them a platform to showcase their talent."
Here is the link to Vedhika Talent Gallery in FB:


Vedhika gives a platform for budding talent

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