Kaaviyathalaivan (aka) Kaaviya Thalaivan songs review


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Album Release Date : Aug 18,2014
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Production: S Sashikanth, Varun Manian, Ynot Studios
Cast: Siddharth
Direction: G Vasanthabalan
Screenplay: G Vasanthabalan
Story: G Vasanthabalan
Music: AR Rahman
Background score: AR Rahman
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Editing: NB Srikanth, Praveen K. L
Dance choreography: Raghuram, Raju Sundaram, Siva Shankar
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar, Pa Vijay, Sundar Raj, Vaali
PRO: Nikhil

Y Not and Radiance co produce an ambitious period venture, directed by the equally meticulous Vasantha Balan. A.R. Rahman treats the histrionic film with his magical music.  

Vaanga Makka Vaanga
Singers: Dr. Narayanan, Haricharan
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
Harcicharan at his best, resonates the therukoothu feel with his carnatically inclined voice. The arrangements of mridangam, chimes and harmony singing is sure to elevate the scene, taking us to the actual period.
Aye Mr. Minor!
Singers: Haricharan, Shashaa Tirupati
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

A.R.Rahman loves getting back to his Iruvar days. This retro ballroom music is orchestrated to ooze out the love, romance and chemistry between the lead pair. The bongos and the string sessions give the much needed nostalgia.  The bass lines go hand in hand with the little electronics to make the song groovy.

Singers: Shweta Mohan, Srinivas
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

The signature Rahman melody with Shwetha, is soulful to the core. A song which will definitely have its own set of repeat plays for the mellifluous feel. Unpredictable rhythm change is a Rahman genius again.The veenai in the interludes and the audible lyrics (unusual) make the tune timeless. Bagpiper, dhabla and flute ! Wow is the word !

Sandi Kuthirai
Singers: Haricharan
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
Making comical songs are a real challenge for a composer. The marimba, laughter effects, thisra gathi, congo beats, chorus singing, mouth organs and the rhyme scheme in the lyrics, package the song really tight. The didgeridoo in the beginning and the three part bass give an international feel for this MSV template. Lyrics are the real lifeline !
Sollividu Sollividu
Singers: Mukesh
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
A rhythmic saga based on multiple track recording. Special mention to Mukesh for the emotions he successfully establishes in the singing. More of a situation based song, composed in a manner to gratify the visual narration.
Singers: Vani Jayaram
Lyrics: Arunagirinathar

Rahman’s creativity at its best. Imaginatively oscillating  between Shivaranjani and Mohana raagam, the song brings back Vani Jayaram. Wish it was longer !

Alli Arjuna
Singers: Bela Shende, Haricharan
Lyrics: Vaalee
Can a single track be 10 odd minutes long ? If Rahman composes, yes ! More like a Montage' song, this track is just like those street dramas of the black and white days. This powerhouse rendition from Haricharan, begins with A.R.Rahman's favourite Raag Desh leading to another of his favorite Raag Maand and eventually touches Shivaranjani and the great worlds of folkish Harikambhoji.
Verdict: Rahman brings back live instrumentation to its full glory !
( 3.75 / 5.0 )


Kaaviyathalaivan (aka) Kaaviya Thalaivan

Kaaviyathalaivan (aka) Kaaviya Thalaivan is a Tamil movie with production by S Sashikanth, Varun Manian, Ynot Studios, direction by G Vasanthabalan, cinematography by Nirav Shah, editing by NB Srikanth, Praveen K. L. The cast of Kaaviyathalaivan (aka) Kaaviya Thalaivan includes Siddharth.