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Can Kuttram Kadithal repeat Kaaka Muttai's success at the box office?
Kuttram Kadithal is ready to strike the big screen on the 19th of June. It follows the trend set by the recent movie Kaakka Muttai, as both the films reach the theatrical audience after bagging the National Awards. (Kaakka Muttai – Best Children's Film, Best Child Artist & Kuttram Kadithal – Best Regional Film, Tamil)
Kaakka Muttai had the good fortune of collaborating with a big brand like Fox Star Studios which guaranteed a well-planned release and not to forget the star producers, Dhanush and Vetri Maaran who produced the film. What we saw in this film was a clever move to present it to a larger set of audience along with good English subtitles and capturing many good screens (though limited in screen count). It also had filmmakers across the country like Karan Johar marking their views, and this promoted it further.

We appeal to the Kuttram Kadithal team - director Bramma.G, producer JSK Satish and distributors Suja Cinemas, to sketch out a wise release plan as it is evident that the content of the film is great, from the National award it has received. Such content should reach a wider section of the audience, and English subtitles can be a definite value-addition. Then as an audience, we shall pat our backs for accepting a film like this, provided it is made accessible through a well-planned release.


Can Kuttram Kadithal repeat Kaaka Muttai's success at the box office?

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