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The review of the trailer of Thegidi

Thegidi trailer review

Feb 05, 2014
Following the launch of an impressive album, team Thegidi has come out with its trailer that is all the more impressive and does raise those curious eyebrows.
The trailer starts off with a confident Ashok Selvan all ready to take up a new project that is assigned to him. 
The shots that follow are pleasantly surprising. Be it the top angle shot with a perspective view of the electric transformer or the wide angle shot in the library that covers a huge rack of books, with Ashok Selvan amid them and of course the quick underwater shot of him diving into the water.

Nivas Prasanna's BGM in the trailer is as promising as the songs in the album. The repeated echoing of the lines "Yekkarnathu Kondum Neenga Subject'a nerungave koodathu" (Do not get close to the subject for any reason) and "Namma core concentration paatheengana, shadowing and surveillance" (our core concentration is shadowing and surveillance) raises a few questions marks above our heads.
What character is Ashok Selvan playing? What is the case about? What is the subject here? What does shadowing and surveillance have to do with the movie? Well, we'll have to wait to find out. 
The movie is directed by newcomer Ramesh and has Ashok Selvan and Janani Iyer in the lead. The movie is expected to be a mystery thriller that is all set to hit the theaters soon.


The review of the trailer of Thegidi

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