Villa - mysterious painting

Villa - mysterious painting

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A struggling writer, His trusted girlfriend and a haunted villa says the story. Writer-Director Deepan chakravarthy neatly builds up the thrill factor along with a strong essence of characters being introduced on the screen.
Jebin played by Ashok Selvan gets to know that his dad has left him with a villa in Pondicherry, and the incidents happening in the villa lead up to consequences way out of his imagination. Arthi played by Sancitha and Jebin have done their roles convincingly. The scientific explanations given in the movie actually do open up the mind and makes audience go ”huh” for a moment.
Villa is made out of sheer brilliance in the technical department. Cinematographer Deepak pathy and the sound designer Vinod and Sree Shanker make the cine goers go berserk about their work. Art director Mayan creates the old mansion with the essence of French architecture in and out, giving him big thumbs up. Santhosh Narayanan the musical magician shines through out the movie with his score which also constantly builds up like the characters. Editor Leo John Paul has cut the film neatly, especially the climax portion keeping the audience edge seated. The VFX department has also done terrific work in the film.
On the downside, the script could have been tighter especially in the first half; the old fashioned dimension for a writer could have been avoided although the twilight reference brings a laugh. Also the pizza 2 mark does create buzz of horror movie rather than a thriller which could have taken care of.
A well crafted thriller, technically sound and interesting climax.
Rishi Selvam

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