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Shooting updates of GV Prakash and Sri Divya starrer Pencil

The reason behind casting GV Prakash as the hero...

Jan 18, 2014

Pencil, is an upcoming romantic thriller starring composer turned actor, GV Prakash and Sri Divya. The film’s progressing at a good pace, considering the busy schedule of GV Prakash. Talking to Behindwoods, the director of the movie, Mani Nagaraj informs, “We have shot for 20 days and 30 days of shooting is still left.”

Ask him about his choice of casting GV Prakash as the lead, he says, “Firstly, we both knew each other pretty well and I personally didn’t require a hero material for this movie. I wanted an actor who is young and who’d fit the role of a school student. I thought GV could fit the bill and that’s how it all happened.”

GV Prakash is also doing the music for the film. He has recorded three songs already and is in the process of composing two more.

Cinematographer Gopi Amarnath, editor Anthony and art director Rajeevan are on board for the project.


Shooting updates of GV Prakash and Sri Divya starrer Pencil

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