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''Anjaan is good and entertaining'' - says Vivek

“Please don’t condemn Anjaan”

Aug 21, 2014

Anjaan directed by Lingusamy starring Suriya and Samantha hit the screens on 15th August amidst huge expectations but was met with a lot of negative feedback especially in the online world. Hero Suriya in fact called upon people to refrain from personal bashing.


Now comedian Vivek has come to the defense of the film through his microblogger and says that the film is sleek and entertaining. He says,

“Saw Anjaan. its now sleek and entertaining. good. Pls don't condemn a film without due reasons! Hard work of them should be appreciated @dirlingusamy .. Most of them who are arrogantly abusing a film, saw it in the net or pirated cd. Using media and stopping others from seeing is also a cyber crime .. Views of public at large are the final judgement. One should bow to them. We can comment but need not be hostile. Thank you one and all”.


Very sensible and balanced indeed!


''Anjaan is good and entertaining'' - says Vivek

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