An Open Letter to Suriya the Actor

An Open Letter to Suriya the Actor

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I have been following Tamil cinema over a decade and have come across films which are Good, Bad and Great. Success as far as Tamil cinema is concerned can be classified into only two types. One is at box office. Another which wins critics. Suriya one of the leading Tamil actors enjoyed it both quite frequently. His recent outing Anjaan was supposed to be a slick gangster action film and targeted to win in both categories. Unfortunately the movie fails big time in second category.


Suriya as an actor has got immense skills and is being utilized well in past in movies like Perazhagan,Gajini,and Vaaranam Aayiram. I had watched his Singam 2 and it worked for me to certain extent mainly because of the jet paced screenplay. Anjaan hardly had a moment to cherish. The problem with Anjaan is, it had no storyline to initiate with. The sequences were badly arranged and quite jumbled with. Suriya shines as a versatile actor but in a mass zone, he has a lot to prove and seems his steps are falling short in his attempt of proving.


Commercial movie with a right formula will succeed big time at both box office and in critical acclaim. Quite a wonderful example is Thuppaki, Mangatha and VIP a recent one. Suriya's acting skills are more fitted to offbeat ventures rather in a mass zone. He has to focus as per his strength and play according to it. Ayan was his own example though. The pretty disappointment I had come over when watching Anjaan is, people walked out of cinema hall even before the completion of movie. Very rare for a Suriya film. With a minimal effort put by Suriya, even Raju bhai was just a show off and did not impress me. All we like to see is Suriya the actor, the pretty good actor of Gajini days. I would be the happiest person if Surya stops attempting in getting into a mass zone and play according to his offbeat strength. A disappointed common man! 

Anderson Smith

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