Anjaan - Visitor Review

Anjaan - Visitor Review

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Behindwoods - Anjaan from my view. Went with expectations and came back confused.


First Day Premiere Show.. A Date with Suriya became just too long and loud and I left with a vibrating brain.


Suriya has portrayed his character well as Krishna and also as Raju Bhai. This is the only positive in the movie. His body language and how he carries himself is no match. The only positive in the movie is stylish Suriya.


Vidyut Jammwal shares a good amount of screen space with Suriya. He is more like a second hero and at times, if a person not knowing Tamil movies looks at certain scenes, they would take Vidyut as the main hero. Kudos to Suriya for the confidence in himself and giving space to upcoming actors. Not all heroes could do that.


Samantha was like a pickle in a feast. She had very little screen space and she did her part to break the girl next door look trying to prove she can be glamorous too.


First 25 mins into the movie, I was confused if I was watching Thalaiva Part2. It made me think if they had only tried to reach out the male audience. Lots of flaws. We don’t know what Raju Bhai and Chandru were really doing other than chasing other Dons or how they become friends. People in streets praise Raju Bhai but not sure anything he did to help others. It was like some extra fittings just attached to the story. Throughout the movie, we hear the heroine’s name just once.


By Interval, once could figure out the story line and I was hoping it was the end. It is a regular story of betrayal and revenge and nothing much in second half which seemed very lengthy and felt songs coming up when not needed. It is like a dog waiting for a meaty bone for dinner but gets a bowl of water. A good commercial for all luxury vehicles from Rovers to ML, GX and Bently.


They could have used Soori little bit in between the movie to give a break from the fights.



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