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Rajini is still on top, ahead of Vijay ...

Rajini is on top, ahead of Vijay

Mar 10, 2015

If we take a look at most of our leading mass heroes, they must have played the role of a don, plying his trade from Bombay (Mumbai), at some point of their careers. This role of a 'Bhai' is seen as a vital one for them to extend their mass appeal among the audience. Starting from Kamal to Suriya, we have had many stylish gangsters playing the Mumbai Thamizhans with aplomb.

Recently we asked our Facebook fans to vote for their favorite 'Bhai' and the results, as on 11:35 pm March 10th, are as follows.
1. Baasha Bhai - 5289 likes - Baasha, Rajini
2. Vishwa Bhai - 4574 likes - Thalaivaa, Vijay
3. Jana Bhai - 3326 likes - Jana, Ajith
4. Velu Bhai - 3111 likes - Nayagan, Kamal
5. Raju Bhai - 1309 likes - Anjaan, Suriya



Rajini is still on top, ahead of Vijay ...

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