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Santosh Sivan about Suriya, Vikram and Vijay

''Suriya, Vijay and Vikram stand for commitment, sincerity and passion''

Sep 07, 2014

The mere mention of the name Santosh Sivan would bring to our memory, lovely visuals, innovative angles and an overall brilliance in every frame. He was recently involved in Anjaan and his work was among the talking points of this commercial flick.

In a recent exclusive interview with Behindwoods, Mr.Sivan was asked about his extensive working experience with superstars such as Suriya, Vikram and Vijay and this is what he had to say

"I have worked on a lot of projects. But, only a handful projects with big stars. What I admire in actors like Suriya, Vijay and Vikram, is their commitment. They come to the sets before everyone else, get ready for their shoot and perform with utmost sincerity and passion.
Another quality that these three share is that they keep to themselves. They make sure they don’t waste any time and they’ll appreciate if their time isn't wasted.
I also find them as disciplined as the actors in the west"



Santosh Sivan about Suriya, Vikram and Vijay

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