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Interview Team : Kaushik L M

With Anjaan all set to open with a big blast tomorrow, we got in touch with smoking hot actress Maryam Zakaria for a quick interview. She has shaken her legs for the opening song in the film ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and has already grabbed the eyeballs of the audience with Anjaan’s trailer and teaser visuals.

About your role in Anjaan

I'm doing a very hot and sexy guest appearance in the introduction song Bang Bang Bang. It is obviously my favorite track in the album too.


How did you come on board? 

The team wanted a Bollywood celebrity in the introduction song and asked me. When I was approached to do the song with Suriya and Vidyut for Lingusamy's film, I happily agreed as I know the respect and popularity that they have in the South. It was very nice to work with everyone in Anjaan.


Are you aware of Suriya’s body of work? 

Though I haven’t seen Suriya’s previous films, I have heard a lot about his talent and skills as an actor.

Do you understand Tamil?

No I don’t but if I ever sign a Tamil movie as a heroine, I would definitely take Tamil classes.

Why a big gap between your first Tamil film Nagaram and Anjaan?

After my first Tamil song, I did a Telugu song ‘Diyalo Diyala’ from the movie ‘100 % Love’ which was a huge hit and after that I got very busy in the Telugu industry. The offer that I got from Tamil was not appealing. I did commercials and award shows in Tamil meanwhile.


Are you open to more offers here in Tamil?

Yes I would love to act in Tamil films, something like romantic, drama and action. That’s what I have most interest for. I have acted in Telugu and Bollywood films and it's always a pleasure to be involved in various Indian film industries.

Any message to Tamil film fans?

I would like to thank all my fans for their love and support, god bless you all.

Thank you for the great interview, wish you all the best



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