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Aamir Khan surprises again with PK

PK - Aamir Khan isn't nude this time around

Aug 21, 2014

After creating a huge buzz with a controversial and explicit first look poster, team PK has come up with their next poster. In stark contrast to the first, Aamir is fully-clothed this time around and is portrayed as a band musician. But the look on his face is blank and weird, like it was in the first poster.

Aamir Khan, who launched the second poster yesterday said that he was quite happy with the response that the first poster received, in the midst of all the controversy and he then cleared the fact that it was not copied or inspired from any other movie.

Aamir also said that he will not stop with just two, since he has planned to confuse the audience with different posters every 2 weeks. He also admitted that PK is one of the most difficult roles that he has ever done.


Aamir Khan surprises again with PK

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