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A teaser of the Simbu Gautham Menon film has been released.

Simbu - Gautham Menon move ahead with 'confidence'

Feb 03, 2014

It is Simbu’s birthday today and as a birthday gift, Gautham Menon, the director of the hero’s current film has released its first teaser which begins with a debonair Simbu with a smart stubble taking off his earplugs to counter a few baddies with a background dialogue that states that he has got the confidence to face such tough situations. He goes on to reiterate that ‘this’ confidence is very vital for life.


On another note Simbu states that there is a different type of confidence needed to deal with girls and love and that’s when he gets slapped at, by the heroine to bring in the humor. And this makes Simbu do a volte face and admit that when one realizes that they don’t have that mojo, it is better to retreat and become ‘good’ boys in life.


Simbu seems to discuss this with his friends who find the whole thing amusing which kind of annoys him and he retracts his coffee offer to them.


The teaser is highly youthful with a VTV feel and a Gautham Menon touch and is quite endearing. The mild BGM of A R Rahman ups the feel. In short, the 51 second teaser has a good mix of humor, action, music and youthfulness, perfectly packed. Way to go Gautham Menon, Simbu and the team!


A teaser of the Simbu Gautham Menon film has been released.

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