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A story on Kamal Haasan's successful remake flicks

The Ulaganayagan 'remake instinct'

Feb 02, 2014

Ulaganayagan Padma Bhushan Kamal Haasan has always been lauded for his efforts to take Tamil cinema and Indian cinema to the next level, with his experimental attempts and daring films. He has been active in the industry for many decades as an actor, singer, director and producer. His knowledge of the other facets of film making is also astounding.

Kamal has also been at the forefront in choosing the right films to remake and present to his native Tamil audiences. Over the years, Kamal's remake films have all been mighty successful and have managed to replicate the impact and reach of the original films.
Films like Kuruthipunal (remake of Drohkaal), Vasool Raja MBBS (Munnabhai MBBS) and Unnai Pol Oruvan (remake of A Wednesday) were all much-loved by the audiences in Tamil Nadu and the film makers who made the original films would have been happy with the way their works had been remade and repackaged for a different set of audiences.
Now, with the news of Kamal associating himself with the remake of the recent Malayalam blockbuster Drishyam, this trait of Kamal working on the right remakes has been brought into focus yet again. Already fans are of the opinion that Kamal is the right person to replicate Mohanlal's performance from the original. Drishyam has been minting money at the box-office ever since its release thanks to glowing reviews from almost everyone who has seen it. 

Here's hoping that Kamal strikes gold with the remake of Drishyam too, and keeps his streak of successful remakes intact.


A story on Kamal Haasan's successful remake flicks

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