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The title of the Simbu - Nayanthara film may be ...

What does Simbu feel whenever he sees Nayan ...

Jan 30, 2014
Idhu Namma Aalu was a 1988 film of K Bhagyaraj with Shobana as the heroine which satisfied quite a lot of the audience. Interestingly, this title is likely to be the name of the Simbu - Nayanthara flick being directed by Pandiraj. According to the director, there would not be any connection between his current film and Bhagyaraj’s product.

Pandiraj explains, “Sometimes when you see someone, something inside will tell you that THIS is the person for you. This is what Simbu feels whenever he sees Nayanthara and in all probability, this will be the final title”.

On working with Simbu and Nayanthara, the director avers that they are true professionals who move with each other without any airs. He adds, “I just tell them the scenes and they bring their own dimensions to the characters. I don’t have to teach them anything”.


The title of the Simbu - Nayanthara film may be ...

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