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Director Vijay Milton responds to plagiarism charges

''Please expose me'', Vijay Milton responds to plagiarism accusations

Jan 29, 2014
While Golisoda directed by Vijay Milton is garnering good appreciation, there are also plagiarism accusations hurled towards him about the script of the film being not his. Responding to this, the cinematographer turned director states that he is not angry because he has not done anything wrong.
He has a request to people who claim it is their story, “If you have proof that it is your story, please bring it out because a person who has made a film on identity should not have a false identity. I am not a human being if I have to make a film on someone else’s identity. Please expose me if you deem it right and have the necessary proof”.
He further adds that it is not even necessary that the complaining party should go to him; they can go to the court, union or police station and expose him and that he is ready for everything.
“I have been working on this story for a while and have the copy of every single line and also the proof. When you give me the evidence, I can prove in one second that the story is mine”.
While thanking the overwhelming online support for his film, Milton also requests people to abstain from backstabbing him in the online space. Milton vociferously affirms that one can never succeed stealing someone else’s story.


Director Vijay Milton responds to plagiarism charges

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