Goli Soda - Good Beverage

Goli Soda - Good Beverage

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A group of young fellas in screen will always create a feel of happiness be it 'Pasanga','Marina' or any other movie that had a bunch of them as core of the narration. What can you do if those kids aren't kids anymore. The script needs to involve more drama - like the ever standing example and a role model, 'Harry Potter' series.

When you first hear about the 'market boys and problems' story line you expect no entertainment out of this - A winner at the award functions and nothing much in the box office. This may be the exemption.

A gang (sorry a team, as per the promotions) of Kishore, Shree Ram, Murugesh and Paandi are our heroes. Chandini (Yamini) and Seetha are our leading ladies. The life of market boys who know nothing but market is the opening point of story telling. It is their world until they realize they don't even have an identity, not even a proper name. The first ten minutes are hardly nothing but a passing cloud for a better weather. You question the unnecessary romantic angle of narration, but the finishing and further scenes neutralize your acidity towards that.

Sujatha, the loud speaker of 'Paruthiveeran' (Priyamani's mother) plays a shop owner in Koyembedu market. A well wisher for the team. They decide to do something to create an identity for themselves and she helps them through R.K.Vijai Murugan, whose character is etched out in such a way that he is not the typical villain you see in everyday movies. He offers help by giving his shop for the boys as a sign of good heart!

They open a mess in the market and everything goes just right. But they don't attain a good status in a single song as said in film itself but now have a place to mention them as them. They face practical problems from R.K.Vijai Murugan's men. They end up attacking one in front of everyone in market. Our villain is afraid of loosing his reputation in market as he holds the market's head post. He sends men to beat them up and revive the fear among the market people as a powerful man. What can 4 teenagers do against him. Wait and watch says director.

Cinematographer Vijay Milton turns director again for the second time. And Pandiraj, the national award winner of the very own "Pasanga' has penned the dialogues which rouses whistles at times among the masses in the cinema. Gaana Bala and along with S.N.Arunagiri try to move the slowness at the start but results aren't postive. Nevertheless, the screenplay picks up soon to keep you seated and interested.

Second  half will see a comeback of the team and the wage a spirited fight against the villain. Even though we have seen many of those revenge concepts of teenagers this one do look fresh.

Imman Annachi takes care of the hardest job to make the audience happy and is another proof that if you are popular in the small screen you can take that to the next level in the big screen. Srinivasan, (you can ask who he is without the title - our Power star) makes an appearance along with the 'Dance Super Star' Sam Anderson which is unwanted attempt at promotion. Chandini looks beautiful as a school going girl. Both Chandini and Seetha play prominent roles. 

Lingusamy is a master planner to choose the scripts for his production house and this one is another success for his banner. The man who handled the camera in 'Vazhakku En 18/9' seems to be inspired by Balaji Sakthivel's practical scripts and makes a great attempt with this. Screenplay is better and better with every scene. Backround score is by A.Seelin who does appreciable job. Anthony will demand more praise and awards for his editing. The stunts were captured well from the camera of director Vijay Milton (yes he takes care of that job too).

Our 'Pasanga' is back as 'Teenagers' and do succeed in creating an identity for themselves both in the movie and also in the industry.

Marks: 7.5

Pradeep Kalamegam

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