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Powerstar Srinivasan alleges his previous producers of cheating

“I regret doing Goli Soda” – Powerstar Srinivasan

Feb 18, 2014

Powerstar Srinivasan was recently seen taking on his previous producers, at the audio launch of Indraya Cinema. The actor claims that he is being cheated repeatedly by the film makers. “I know how difficult it is to produce a film and release it. Most of all, I know how big a feat it is to make a film run for more than 150 days. But I’ve also worked with producers who have betrayed me. They come to me requesting to do a film, trick me into doing it and once the film becomes a hit, they forget me,” Alleges the actor.

Powerstar also quoted instances of betrayal. “The recent release Goli Soda is performing very well. I’ve done a song in the movie. The makers forced me into taking up the project, requested 6 days of my call sheet and finished the shoot in 3 days. They didn’t even pay me what they promised to do. I regret doing that project. Similar issue happened with Ya Ya. The makers contacted me and said I’d have to do 11 characters in the film. I did, but they didn’t even bother to have my still on the posters. Anyway the project wasn’t even successful,” mutters Srinivasan.

He also requested the producers to give more opportunities to fresh talents. “Producers use me to get publicity and do nothing in return. I request them to stop doing this. People call me a cheater, but this industry has much bigger cheaters,” He said.      

“I’ve worked very hard to become what I’m today and I’ve done that without anyone’s backing. I’ve found my place in the hearts of millions and millions of my fans. Nobody can stop my growth,” he made it clear.

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Powerstar Srinivasan alleges his previous producers of cheating

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