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Arya's heroine in Meagaamann, his upcoming flick

Act 2 for Arya and this ravishing young heroine

Jan 28, 2014

After a prolific 2013 in which he had four releases, Arya looks set to have an equally busy 2014 too, with two much expected films in hand - Meagaamann and Purampokku. 

While Karthika Nair is the female lead in S.P.Jhananathan's Purampokku, there has been a lot of speculation over the lead lady in Magilzh Thirumeni's Meagaamann, with names such as Shruti Haasan and Taapsee doing the rounds. 
We now hear that talks are going on between Hansika and the production team and that her dates will have to be worked out. Though the official statement is yet to be released, Hansika is likely to accept it as she is also interested in the project. 
Arya and Hansika have already paired up in Settai last year and looked very good together. Looks like fans will get to see this pair yet again.
Thaman, S.R.Sathish Kumar and Praveen-Srikanth lead the technical crew of Meagaamann, produced by Nemichand Jhabak and Hitesh Jhabak.


Arya's heroine in Meagaamann, his upcoming flick

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