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Release Date : Dec 20,2013
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Production: K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Cast: Hansika, Karthi, Mandy Takhar, Premgi Amaren, Ramki
Direction: Venkat Prabhu
Screenplay: Venkat Prabhu
Story: Venkat Prabhu
Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Sakthi Saravanan
Dialogues: Venkat Prabhu
Editing: N. B. Srikanth, Praveen K. L
Art director: Videsh
Stunt choreography: Silva
Dance choreography: Kalyan, Raju Sundaram, Shobi
Singers: Bhavatharini, D. Imman, Devan Ekambaram, G. V. Prakash Kumar, Gaana Bala, Karthi, Premgi Amaren, Priya Himesh, PSYCHO.unit, Rahul Nambiar, Ramya NSK, S. Thaman, Tanvi Shah, Vijay Antony, Vilasini
Lyrics : Gana Bala, Gangai Amaren, Karky, PSYCHO.unit, Tanvi Shah, Vaali, Yuvanshankar Raja
PRO: Jhonson
Distribution: Studio Green
Biriyani (aka) Biriyani release expectation


After the super hit Mankatha with Ajith, Venkat Prabhu and his boys team up for seemingly an ‘all boys’ show with Karthi as the new addition. Biriyani takes on more spotlight for one more spectacular reason as it becomes the one hundredth film of music director Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Hero Karthi and editor Praveen tell why the audience should spend their time and money on the film.

Venkat Prabhu

“Director Venkat Prabhu is the main reason”, says Karthi, “Venkat Prabhu and I are school mates and when he mentioned the title of the film as Biriyani, I immediately agreed as nobody has thought about this unique name as title and then he told me the one liner”.  “Biriyani will be an important character in the film”, Karthi adds.

What is the story all about?

According to Karthi Biriyani is a simple story line about city guys who are working in a tractor company. He adds, “Venkat Prabhu knows the exact pulse of Chennai boys. His narrative skills and treatment of story are entirely different and enjoyable. Scenes will move easy and when the problem erupts, the film becomes a thriller and picks up momentum”.

Editor Praveen agrees on this, “Venkat Prabhu knows how to extract work from his team. He treats his unit as his family. We all know our strengths and weaknesses. As a result the film has come out very well and was much appreciated my people who saw”.

What will be Karthi and Premgi’s characters like?

Karthi informs, “I play the role of Sugan who has a funny fetish. Whenever he has ‘sarakku’ as side dish, he has to have Biriyani as main dish. In one of such instance, he gets into a problem”. “The concept of having Biriyani along with liquor is something new and the problem that arises out of this odd situation is very interestingly told”, Praveen echoes.

Coming to Karthi’s character, “Everybody would love Sugan and his characterization is very interesting. He does not care for anyone but his sister”. “Premgi plays the role of my friend Parasu and we have grown up together and know each other inside out. At the same time, we don’t trust each other too”. Karthi explains.

What about his looks in the film?

Karthi answers that after Paiyaa, Venkat Prabhu has presented him in a different avatar in Biriyani and is almost like a playboy. “Although Hansika is my girl friend, I still look out for other girls”, Karthi sheepishly states. “She catches me in the toilet with a girl and the film opens with our breakup”.

According to Praveen, Yuvan’s peppy and youthful tracks are one more reason that one should watch Biriyani. “It is Yuvan’s one hundredth film and a great milestone to achieve. His RR will be the biggest highlight for the film”. The Edirthu Nil track sung by music directors Vijay Anthony, Imman, G V Prakash and Thaman is a unique highlight.

According to Karthi, college kids and youngsters will definitely like this film.

Summing it all up, Praveen says that Biriyani will be a wholesome and fulfilling feast for the audience at a running time of two hours and twenty two minutes.

Censor Certificate: U/A
Run Time: 2 hours 22 Mins (approx)


Biriyani (aka) Biriyani

Biriyani (aka) Biriyani is a Tamil movie with production by K. E. Gnanavel Raja, direction by Venkat Prabhu, cinematography by Sakthi Saravanan, editing by N. B. Srikanth, Praveen K. L. The cast of Biriyani (aka) Biriyani includes Hansika, Karthi, Mandy Takhar, Premgi Amaren, Ramki.