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Director Vikraman talks about Ninaithadhu Yaaro

Why Ninaithadhu Yaaro? Vikraman reasons out...

Jan 29, 2014
The ‘family friendly’ tag can unanimously be given to director Vikraman’s films. This director of more than two decades experience is ready with his next titled Ninaithadhu Yaaro with newcomers Rajith and Nimisha.
Director Vikraman tells behindwoods the reasons to watch Ninaithadhu Yaaro.
  • Although my films are branded as ‘family’ films, most of them would only revolve around youngsters and romance. Similarly, Ninaithadhu Yaaro also will have love as the central theme which will be liked by audience from six to sixty.
  • Music of Paulraj has already created positive buzz and he has been getting good offers. With the release of the film, the songs are bound to go up in the charts.
  • Even though newcomers form the cast list of Ninaithadhu Yaaro, their performances will never appear like that of newcomers. Rajith, Nimisha, Karthik Yogi, Azhar, Subiksha and Ritwika have performed very well.
  • The audience would not find ‘chorus’ as background. In fact I have done away with this a long time back but somehow this tag seems to stick onto me.  
  • To sum it all, please watch Ninaithadhu Yaaro for a pleasant experience of a love story that would strike a chord in everyone.


Director Vikraman talks about Ninaithadhu Yaaro

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