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Suriya answers posers from his fans at the Anjaan audio première

''No one should identify me as Suriya''

Jul 22, 2014
Here we present to you 5 interesting questions posed by fans to Suriya, which the star answered at today's Anjaan audio premiere event held in Chennai.
Your makeovers are always a talking point. Tell us about Anjaan's makeover?
"I can't take credit for my makeovers. It's all my directors - Gautham, Hari, Bala and Lingusamy. Anjaan's style, looks, the way Raju Bhai walks - everything comes from Lingu. So that's about Anjaan's makeover."
Anjaan is your fastest movie till date. It took 6 to 7 months, rather than the usual one year. How was it possible?
"Credits to the whole team. And specially Santosh Sivan Sir. We would have planned to shoot just two scenes a day. But if the two scenes were wrapped up by noon, Santosh Sir would make us shoot the next day's scene as well. So, Santosh Sir was the main reason for the movie's pacy shoot completion."
Every movie has a challenge. What was the challenge you faced in Anjaan?
"To get convinced was the biggest challenge. Bala always told me that on screen no one should identify me as Suriya. And, that's my mantra. My challenge in Anjaan was to make sure that people will identify me as Raju Bhai and Krishna. That's the challenge in Anjaan, and in my every other movie."
Lingusamy told that Anjaan was his fourth script for you? Why did you reject the other three scripts, and chose this script?
"I didn't reject the other three scripts. I felt I will not be able to do justice to them. And, the fourth was like tailored for me. And, Anjaan happened."
Tell us about Santosh Sivan and Samantha?
"Initially, we began the shoot without Samantha. And, the entire team was waiting for Samantha's arrival. On the day, she joined the sets, the entire team was wearing new shirts, they would come shaven. (Laughs).
In between the shots, Samantha taught me a little Telugu. I would call her Smart and Sharp. 
Working with Santosh Sir was always a dream, and am glad that it happened."
Finally, Suriya said, "Well, I will miss my Anjaan team!"


Suriya answers posers from his fans at the Anjaan audio première

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