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Details about the number of screens for Arrambam (aka) Aarambam

Arrambam - The numbers game

Oct 30, 2013

Arrambam is gearing up for its release in India tomorrow and the film has already opened in overseas markets such as Singapore and Sri Lanka. We present to you the screen counts of Arrambam from some of the key markets outside Tamil Nadu. 

Karnataka - Arrambam will be releasing in close to 39 screens in Bangalore City while the total screen count in the state will be between 50 to 55
Kerala - The film was expected to be opening in about 120 screens but a latest update has it that the film is releasing in 142 screens which compares very well with other recent Tamil biggies. 
Mumbai - Arrambam has managed to get a decent release in some of the prominent multiplexes in Mumbai city such as PVR, Inox, Fun and Cinepolis, with good number of shows. 
Overseas - Arrambam will be releasing in more than 300 screens in overseas markets, with the movie reaching around 20 countries. Here are the stats for the number of releasing centers in some of the overseas markets.
USA - 78 
UK - 36 
France - 21
Sri Lanka - 13
Holland - 4
Germany - 11
Denmark - 18
Switzerland - 16
Malaysia - 50 centers and counting
UAE - 6
Hong Kong - 1
Belgium - 1
Singapore - 2
Canada - 3
South Africa - 2
Kuwait - 1
Oman - 4
Qatar - 2
Bahrain - 1


Details about the number of screens for Arrambam (aka) Aarambam

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